Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


At Pageview Media, we are committed to providing our clients and users with a transparent understanding of how their personal information is managed. Should you seek clarification on any aspect of this privacy policy or have specific inquiries, our team is readily accessible via the contact us page.

Our Principles

Our commitment to data protection and privacy is unwavering, and it is guided by the robust framework of the 13 Australian Privacy Principles.

Obligations Under the Privacy Act 1988

Compliance: Our practices are meticulously aligned with the obligations stipulated by the Privacy Act 1988. As a company operating within Australian jurisdiction, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) inform our protocols for managing personal data.

Definition of Personal Information: Consistent with section 6 of the Privacy Act, ‘personal information’ encompasses all data about an individual whose identity is clear or can be deduced from that data or opinion, irrespective of its truthfulness or whether it exists in tangible form.

Collection of Personal Information

At Pageview Media, you retain complete control over your personally identifiable information (“PII”). Anonymous navigation of our website is permissible, and at no point are you compelled to disclose your PII as a condition of general access. Nonetheless, the collection of PII is a requisite for the bespoke provision of our products and services and the dissemination of pertinent information. Such PII encompasses, but is not limited to, your legal name, date of birth, various methods of contact, and financial transaction data, all of which are procured during your interactions with our agency and processed in strict adherence to data protection legislation.

Furthermore, our digital platforms employ analytical instruments that aggregate data about user engagement, preferences, and technical specifications, including but not limited to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), operating system, and Internet Protocol (IP) address. This aggregate data is instrumental in refining user experience and service delivery.

In instances where PII is  prevailing legal standards.

Consistent with the principles of data minimization and user autonomy, any electronic mailing from our agency, including but not restricted to confirmation emails or informational dispatches from our servers, will invariably contain explicit directions for opting out, thereby allowing you to rescind your consent and cease further data processing activities at your discretion.

Use and Disclosure

Personal data is strictly used for its intended purpose or activities closely related to our functions.

Disclosure to other parties occurs only under the following conditions:

  • Consent: With your explicit consent.
  • Expectation and Notification: When you would reasonably expect such use or disclosure based on our services.
  • Legal Necessity: As prescribed by law, or for the enforcement of legal obligations, protection of public revenue, or to avert threats to safety and health.

Quality of Personal Information

We strive to maintain the precision and completeness of your personal data to provide superior service quality. If you believe any information we hold is inaccurate, we are open to rectification requests via the contact us page.

Data Security

Proactive measures are in place to safeguard personal information against loss, unauthorized interactions, and potential misuse. While the intricacies of our security measures remain confidential, we welcome inquiries for reassurance on our data protection strategies.

Access and Correction

It is our priority to ensure the accuracy of the personal information we maintain. Should you find discrepancies, we are available to make necessary corrections. However, it’s important to recognize that there are circumstances under Australian privacy laws where access to personal data may be restricted.

Cookie Policy

Pageview Media implements the use of “cookies” to enhance your digital experience. Cookies are modest files that our website may place on your device’s storage to record your visits and interactions with our services. These cookies retain user-related information like your username and login details, which enable us to recognize your preferences on subsequent visits, thus personalizing and streamlining your experience. It’s pertinent to highlight that cookies will only house personal information that you have actively provided.

The scope of cookies does not extend to accessing or reading data from your device’s storage or retrieving cookies set by other domains. We ensure that any information within cookies is potentially encrypted for security purposes. Rest assured, sensitive financial credentials, specifically credit card numbers, are never stored within cookies.

For those who prefer to browse without cookies, modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge offer settings that allow you to receive alerts before accepting cookies, or to disable cookies entirely. Please be aware that while disabling cookies may not inhibit your access to the general content of our website, it may affect the functionality of certain secured sections that rely on cookies for enhanced security.

We commit to staying abreast of technological advancements and privacy standards to ensure that your online experience with Pageview Media Agency is both secure and user-centric.

Credentials Management

Access to specialized content within the Pageview Media Agency’s website is contingent upon establishing a secured user account, which necessitates a mutually agreed-upon arrangement between you or your corporate entity and Pageview Media Agency. This arrangement often requires creating and using a unique username and password.

Certain proprietary sections of our site, which may include sensitive information, exclusive product details, service access, or special promotions (collectively known as “Pageview Media Agency Exclusive Offerings”), are restricted and can only be accessed by entering the correct credentials. Should you choose not to divulge the required personal information to establish these credentials, it may restrict your ability to access these Exclusive Offerings.

Upon registering and engaging with our secure and protected web properties, you are accepting a legal obligation to preserve the secrecy of your account credentials and use them in a manner consistent with our Terms of Use. This agreement underscores the importance of protecting your personal access rights and maintaining the integrity of the secure content provided by Pageview Media Agency.

Third-Party Links Policy

The Pageview Media Agency website may feature links to external, third-party websites. These links are offered solely for your convenience and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by Pageview Media Agency of the content presented on these external sites. While some of these third-party entities may have a business affiliation or partnership with Pageview Media Agency, we do not exercise control over their privacy policies, data handling practices, or the content they publish.

We encourage our users to approach these external sites with caution and discernment, understanding that when you choose to follow a third-party link, you do so at your own discretion and risk. Pageview Media Agency assumes no liability for any issues arising from your interaction with these third-party websites.

Third-Party Data Collection

We advise reviewing their respective privacy policies for personal data collected by third parties accessed through our website.


We value your engagement with our Privacy Policy and welcome any questions or feedback.
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